Have you heard about the recent monkeypox outbreak in Nigeria? It happened in Bayelsa State earlier this week, with 10 people reportedly quarantined.Β The illness isn’t fatal, fortunately, but please be safe regardless, keeping your loved ones protected. Some important facts to take note of:

1. Monkeypox is an infectious disease caused by the orthopoxvirus family of viruses. That’s the same family illnesses like smallpox, chickenpox and camelpox belong to.

2. It was first discovered in 1970 in Africa. Symptoms include fever, blisters (with pus) and respiratory problems.

3. Interestingly, it can be found in animals like monkeys, chimpanzees, rabbits, prairie dogs, and Gambian rats.

4. The disease is transmitted by close contact with other patients.

5. There is currently no vaccine for the disease, unlike smallpox.

6. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no specific treatment for monkeypox, but the smallpox vaccine (cidofovir, ST-246) and vaccinia immune globulin (VIG) helps to control an outbreak.

7. To avoid animal-to-human transmission, thoroughly clean and cook bush meat before eating, ensuring the blood and all bodily fluids are absent.

8. Gloves should be worn by medical person when treating ill-people

9. This season, it’s safe to regularly

10. Do you suspect someone has the illness? Report the case to a nearby health centre.



Facts: World Health Organisation; Vanguard News


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