Need to add chic sandals to your wardrobe? Nigerian brands have beautiful and affordable options to offer. We’re proud to support our own, and urge you to do the same with a purchase.

Have a peek after the link!

Kene Rapu 

Photo credit: Kene Rapu

These specially handcrafted slippers and sandals are made with locally sourced materials and workmanship. They come in a wide range of colours and can be worn with jeans, dresses or maxi skirts.


Hesey Designs

Photo credit: Hesey Designs

Next up, Hesey Designs! The brand has a collection of exotic,  creative designs consisting of African prints and leather. Their bags also stay true to our fab roots.



Photo credit: Tuke’s Quest

Last but not least our list is Thandos. These Naija centric foldable flats are handy for outings, right when your heels are killing your feet. They come in special pouches and have crowdsourced designs from celebrities like stylist Kanayo Ebi.



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