The last season of Game of Thrones kept us all on the edge of our seats wondering what revelations this new season holds. Since its end, fans have come up with their various theories to the deep mysteries the writers threw us into. But the wait is over,  the season we have all been waiting for is finally here, It’s the battle of the thrones.

We can’t start the new season without recognising the female characters that made it worth our while. And we do hope they remain alive this season, we don’t want surprises.

1.Daenerys Targaryen

She is The Unburnt, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons.

Know anyone else with those many titles? All through the six seasons, Daenerys has been serving us with a lot of action. She has conquered every obstacle in her way and now she’s seen sailing across the Narrow Sea, with a Lannister by her side, an Unsullied army and a Dothraki horde manning the hundreds of ships provided by Yara, and three flipping dragons flying overhead. Now isn’t that a sight!

2. Arya Stark

Arya’s quest for vengeance has turned her into a strong and fearless girl. One thing we love about her character is the fact that she has done everything without the help of men or an army. At some point, she seemed like the only reasonable female stark. Let’s watch and see how her character unfolds.

3. Cersei Lannister

When you play the game with Cersei, you either win or die. Cersei started out being a “bad ass” and it doesn’t look like she’s giving up that title anytime soon.  Who else can blow up the Red keep? You definitely don’t want to get in her way. With her kids all dead, there’s no holding back what she plans to unleash.

4. Lady Lyanna Mormont

She’s a 10-year-old with the guts of a warrior. With the kind of confidence she exudes, one will think she has an army of a thousand men whereas she has just 62. She is the literal definition of small but mighty. Now that she has sworn to Jon Snow, we can’t wait to see what this season holds for her.

5.Sansa Stark

Sansa started out being very naive about everything and honestly just acting plain silly. But we can’t deny that in this last season she showed us a different side. Hopefully, her head remains in the right place this season.

6. Brienne of Tarth

Who doesn’t want to have Brienne of Tarth as a friend? She is one of the few characters who are true to their word and will fight to her last breath just to keep a promise. Sansa really hit the jackpot now that she’s under Brienne’s protection.  

7. Yara Greyjoy

Yara earned her spot on this list when she outsmarted her uncle after he thought by stealing the throne he had won. She showed us that when women team up, magic happens!

Knowing that one major character dies every season, we hope it’s not one of our lady bosses. Who’s your favourite character on the show? Please share with us in the comment section.



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