About Us


One Woman is a proposition by Sterling Bank Plc for women designed to cater to the unique needs of women. The platform seeks to support women from all walks of life and diverse economic backgrounds through finance schemes, empowerment workshops/academy, lifestyle nuggets, business needs, personal support, health care etc.

The benefits of One Woman are:

Sterling Maternal Medical Finance(SMMF)
SMMF is a platform for women to access finance for specific ailments like natal support (child delivery), Fertility (IVF), Fibroid treatment and other specialized procedures at a rate 5% lower than the Prime Lending Rate. It is available to both salary and non-salary earners.

Discount on interest rate on all loans
One Woman gives women the opportunity to enjoy all retail loan products e.g. personal loan, asset acquisition loan, business loans etc. at 2% lower than the Prime Lending Rates. Please note that this discount excludes intervention funds.

Customized debit cards- The One Woman Card
Debit cards with a feminine touch that gives women access to discounts at selected outlets like spas, Make-Over services, furniture/household items etc. See the selected outlets here:Β The One Woman Card

This is an Internship/Job Shadowing scheme for Young Women. Young women interested in the corporate career path will be selected and provided internship opportunities in the bank. Job Shadowing opportunities will also be provided for young women who aspire to work or start businesses. This is an opportunity to under-study women in top management positions for 1 month. Openings for positions will be placed through the women’s community for interested women.

Free Health Check
Free annual health check will be available for women the entire week of the International Women’s day in selected Sterling Bank locations.

Trainings/workshops for women in business.
Sterling One woman gets the opportunity to attend our MSME Academy and other training’s for free or at a discount.