Barka de Sallah to all our Muslim readers!  We wish you a happy celebration as you spend time with friends and loved ones.

Now, Sallah parties are loading across Nigeria and this is a better time to dive into some delicious delicacies topped up with sensational Sallah meat. Or is it?  We have some “words of advice” for the dieting One Woman. Read on and reflect:

1. Attend hungry

The hungrier you are, the more drive you have to grab all in sight and take advantage of the festivities. So do yourself a favour, attend with an empty stomach. Let yourself go, eating quickly too.

Words for the wise: Hunger will actually weaken your resolve to stick to good choices. Be wise by nibbling on a light healthy snack or meal before the party.

2. Use a big plate

 In fact, the bigger the better. This way, you’re able to overindulge, eating everything in sight. Think about it. You won’t have to stick to half a wrap of eba; you’ll have space for four. Also, it will be a complete disservice to your family or host to let Sallah meat go to waste. So enjoy!

We asked a small group of Nigerian women to share the most annoying statements/questions they’ve had thrown their way. Maybe you can relate:

1. “You’ve added weight” / “Your tummy is bigger. Are you pregnant?”

Unfortunately, some people feel the need to point out bigger tummy, cheeks, thighs, and the likes, and at the worst times too. You’d think that’s where it’ll stop, but no. A small percentage then take things a step further and offer unsolicited advice on how to lose said weight. Unnecessary deals!

2. “Why aren’t you married?”/ “When are you going to get married?”

It’s questions like these two that add unnecessary pressure on single women folk to get married. When and why a woman decides to get married should ideally be her concern, and hers alone. It’s that simple.

Using deodorants and antiperspirants is an important part of most women’s morning care routine. We may be stating the obvious here already, but it’s what keeps ladies smelling sweet and fresh all day long, depending on effectiveness.

However, it’s interesting to note that some deodorant ingredients have been flagged by the scientific community as ingredients of concern. They find their way through the underarm epidermis, are picked up by your hormone receptors and even stay in your fat cells. To add to the concern, some are believed to badly affect needed microorganisms in that area.

Next time you are out shopping for deodorants, it’s best to avoid these ingredients as much as you possibly can:


Scientific research links this popular cosmetic ingredient to breast cancer. It creates cancer forming tissue cells when frequently exposed to the breasts and can even While many cosmetics companies have removed the chemical from their products because of this news, some do exist in the market, so be on the lookout.

We’re still recovering from the awesomeness that was the GOT Season 7 Finale! The drama was intense, with plot twists here and there to top off the viewing experience. Our hearts go out to three special ladies who stole the show, in our opinion. We’ll try not to spill too many details – in case you haven’t watched it yet –  so wish us luck. In no particular order, we present…


But really, who was surprised at Cersei’s complete betrayal of Jon and Daenerys? Mad Queen moves, always. You would think a Wight would be enough motivation to move her, but again she reveals her unpredictability. Also worth noticing, the “little” scuffle had with her lover/twin, watching him set off after missing death by The Mountain. So much at one go, really. Can’t get enough!

Dyeing your hair at home is a great way to save money while changing up your look. To avoid serious mishaps, certain precautionary measures have to be in place. Read on for important tips:

Have more than one hair dye kit:  This way, you are less likely to run out of the product while dyeing, especially if your hair is full and thick.

Don’t wash your hair before dyeing: The oils in your hair protect your scalp from the formula’s chemicals. That’s why it’s best to work with dirty hair. You can wash your hair a day after, using a sulphate-free shampoo preferably to retain colour.

Many working yet nursing mums can relate to always having a breast-pump around. Maybe you’re one of them. Busy at work, you take time out to commit to the time and energy draining process. Fortunately, time spent is an investment with Baby being well-fed as a result.

If you’re looking for simple hacks to help make things easier, try out any of the hacks we have outlined especially for you:

1. Do it early

Pumping breast milk first thing in the morning can feel like a chore. Your body’s supply is at its greatest then though, so take advantage of it.

An awesome skillset is waiting, ladies!

We’re sure undergraduates affected by the ASUU strike will benefit a lot from this post.  Why sit at home idle, worried or both? You’re young with so much potential for greatness please, so be proactive. Invest in that growing skill-set and kickstart a possible business for yourself.

If you are stuck on ideas, we have a few suggestions of simple skills to learn below. You can take your research a step further and check out what we recently shared with stay-at-home mums in our article on Lucrative Hobbies.

1. Coding: Why not sign up for a coding class on Lynda or Code Academy? The list of learning platforms is endless really, with some being free or at least, fairly affordable. The great thing about coding is it gives you the opportunity to work remotely with companies around the world, so take advantage of any learning opportunity you can find.

2. Writing, Editing and/or Proofreading: Thanks to publishing houses and even gossip columns, good writers are always in demand. Sign up for an online course and begin your journey to Wordsmith Status! You can check out a few of these courses, or use them as guides to help your search.

It’s every woman’s biggest nightmare – getting caught unaware when your period strikes at a super important event. To make matters worse, there are no ladies’ products in sight in this hypothetical situation and you’re forced to manage in silence, shame or both. Here are some tips to ensure this never happens, and to help you track your cycle:

Tip 1: Using a calendar, mark the first day of your period and count 28 days forward. You are likely to have your next period on that 28th day, except your cycle is 29 or 30 days long. It’s best to use this as a guide for the first few months, adjusting to the recognized pattern.

We love these women! From fashion lovers to lady bosses, they continue to dominate the industry time and time again. Learn their stories. Be inspired. And, make waves of your own!

Eseoghene Odiete, Hesey Designs

Eseoghene’s brand, Hesey, uses beautiful African prints like ankara to create custom made apparel for Nigerian women. From cute clutch bags to drop dead gorgeous flats, Hesey’s great at making them, and brilliantly if we might add! #MadeInNigeria

So how did Ese’s success journey start exactly? A Mass Communication student, she discovered her passion for fashion at school and decided to pursue it after graduation. All those hours of online learning clearly paid off because today, she stands out in her industry, winning the Google Africa Connected Competition in 2014. She’s even met Richard Branson before. Talk about awesome!