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Wigs are every Naija girl’s best friend, right after showstopping jewellery and the latest mobile phone. Not only are they super easy-to-wear, they change up your look and save you hours at the salon. From curly to straight to even braid wigs, owning a collection is a must.

When it comes to wig care, the following tips are great to try, especially if your wigs are made of human hair.

See who made the list…

When you’re looking for a foundation, you’re probably looking for something with a flattering finish that combats oily skin while providing you with a certain level of coverage for as long as possible. But sadly, many international products available leave holes in our pockets, yet don’t entirely give the results we seek.

What if we told you that what you’re looking for is right in front of you? You don’t have to search wide and far or break the bank for this beauty essential. The Nigerian beauty industry is fast evolving with many flawless and affordable products specially made for Nigerian women.  

Dyeing your hair at home is a great way to save money while changing up your look. To avoid serious mishaps, certain precautionary measures have to be in place. Read on for important tips:

Have more than one hair dye kit:  This way, you are less likely to run out of the product while dyeing, especially if your hair is full and thick.

Don’t wash your hair before dyeing: The oils in your hair protect your scalp from the formula’s chemicals. That’s why it’s best to work with dirty hair. You can wash your hair a day after, using a sulphate-free shampoo preferably to retain colour.

We love these women! From fashion lovers to lady bosses, they continue to dominate the industry time and time again. Learn their stories. Be inspired. And, make waves of your own!

Eseoghene Odiete, Hesey Designs

Eseoghene’s brand, Hesey, uses beautiful African prints like ankara to create custom made apparel for Nigerian women. From cute clutch bags to drop dead gorgeous flats, Hesey’s great at making them, and brilliantly if we might add! #MadeInNigeria

So how did Ese’s success journey start exactly? A Mass Communication student, she discovered her passion for fashion at school and decided to pursue it after graduation. All those hours of online learning clearly paid off because today, she stands out in her industry, winning the Google Africa Connected Competition in 2014. She’s even met Richard Branson before. Talk about awesome!

Whether you’re travelling around the country this summer – which we highly recommend by the way #MadeInNigeria – or are going overseas, some things are style must-haves for your holiday groove. When you look good, you feel good and that’s the secret to a holiday well spent.

Check out these must-haves:

1. Sunglasses: Of course this made our holiday list, complete with a pic for #SlayGoals.

Yes, you read that right! Charcoal is a must have beauty product.

Recently, charcoal has found its way into the beauty scene as major ingredients in hair, teeth and skin products. It’s also been used in the making of some juices because of its ability to absorb toxins. This common charcoal is heated and the powder formed is the activated charcoal. This process makes it develop small pores that trap in chemicals.

Alright, let’s jump right into why we think it’s a must have beauty product. Here are some of its benefits.

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion! Don’t we all just love fashion? The growth of the Nigerian fashion industry has definitely been on the rise. Nigerian designers are being more expressive and are creating functional pieces affordable and appealing to the general mass. From the shoes to accessories and clothes, these fashion brands are beginning to make statements. In this post, we’ll be listing 5 Nigerian fashion brands we recently discovered and are absolutely in love with.

1.The Nale Girl

This is a brand made by women for women. They create pieces to suit the urban and confident Nigerian Woman.

10 Made in Nigeria fashion brands we are in love with

Some weeks ago we talked on the blog about fashion essentials for the rainy season. Where we highlighted must-have fashion items. The handbag was included in the list as it is the main protection for your personal items. We suggested several types that are perfect for this season. Hope we’ve all purchased our rainy season friendly bags? Or have found ways to protect our old bags.

Now that we have our hand bag, this post is focused on what should be in it.

1.  Foldable umbrella. Of course, you knew this already.

2.  A waterproof/nylon bag. Preferably one with a seal. It’ll come in handy when you have to pack damp clothes, shoes or even seal your gadgets when your bag isn’t waterproof.