Hello Fitfam, how’s the healthy and fit journey coming along? We hope well.

Have you noticed how when it comes to lunch at work, we dump the healthy lifestyle and eat whatever is available? The thing is eating healthy at work is hard because there usually aren’t many options. Today we’ll be listing some healthy lunch options you can either prepare or order while at work.

Parfaits: They come with different fruits and are quite easy to make. It’s just yoghurt, granola and fruits; you can actually add any type of fruit or nut you like.

Salad: Spice it up with chicken or fish if you don’t like vegetables alone. There are actually several types of salads, whichever one tastes better to you. 

Fruits: Yes, good ole fruits! Apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries and more make a nutritious, light lunch.

Beans: They have soluble fiber that soaks up cholesterol which allows our body dispose of it before it stores up. Add vegetables, fish or even chicken to create variety. Reduce the amount of oil used to prepare.

Sweet Potatoes: These could be boiled and served with vegetables or as porridge served with carrots, green peppers etc.

Rice: Surprised to see rice here? Most people assume rice isn’t a healthy meal but the problem is just in the preparation. A lot of times we use too much of unhealthy oils and consume the wrong proportions. Jollof rice with less oil served with vegetables is a good lunch option. Ofada rice and green leaf stew is a good option too. 

Plantain: Boiled semi-ripe plantain with fish and vegetable stew, yummy and healthy.

Vegetable Soup: We are blessed with a lot of greens in Nigeria. Vegetables are healthy foods. Prepare vegetable soups with eba, pounded yam, wheat or any other swallow.

Eating healthy isn’t just about the food but the proportions. Enjoy the regular Nigerian meals but prepare them properly and ensure to always eat well at work. You can always get more options from dieticians and definitely we’ll keep updating this post; so, please check it out regularly. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!



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