The social media-sphere is buzzing with talk of Toke Makinwa’s Whatsapp Call video. In it, she explained that only “broke guys” make Whatsapp calls and so shouldn’t be taken seriously. What happened next was an uproar from both camps of the argument, complete with hilarious comments in tow.

This leads us to wonder what life was like before Whatsapp hit the relationship scene? How were couples getting their love game on back then? Seriously, how were our parents coping?

But jokes aside, Whatsapp has become a significant component of millennial dating with pros and cons attached. Check out some of the factors to consider:

To call or not to call

Remember our recent post on Love Languages? In it, we explained how getting gifts makes some people feel extra special, knowing they were worth the sacrifice. Airtime calls – over Whatsapp calls – can also mean the same to a person (case in point, Toke Makinwa). Some don’t see it as a big deal, however, and that’s why both partners must clearly communicate their wants and expectations to reach an agreement.

Status (Last Seen/Read Message) Updates

Believe it or not, couples have actually broken up over Last Seen updates. Sad much! Mixups can breakdown trust, leading to all sorts of problems.

When asked about the inception of the breakup, Aditi revealed, “Whenever I used to call him or send messages to him during office timings, he would say he was busy and would talk to me later. But every time I would check his ‘last seen at’, it would always be just a few minutes before. He would see my ‘I love you sweetheart’ messages and wouldn’t even reply to my message!”


“Let’s Just Be (Text) Friends”

It’s super tempting to get comfy in Whatsapp Land and forget that face to face dates are important too. So PLEASE, make the effort to meet regularly, even if you Whatsapp chat or call daily. Ladies, this is especially if you live in the same town or city as the guy in question.

What’s Cheating?

Supposedly, Whatsapp – social media in general – makes it easier for people to cheat – with dating/sex group chats and phone sex to worry about. However, a rebuttal to this is simple – if a man wants to cheat, he will, with or without Whatsapp.


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