Let’s give it up for our Nigerian Mothers and their awkward replies, quotes and behaviour that got on our nerves back then. In retrospect, we now find the humour in them. You may not have realized this because it was an unconscious learning process some real life lessons were embedded in us.

For the rest of the post, we’ll be sharing some funny replies and the life lessons hidden in them. Hopefully, you’ll laugh as hard as we did.

When our Nigerian Mums buy oversize clothes and ‘force’ us to grow into it.

This definitely taught us to plan for the future. Those oversized clothes or shoes always came in handy when we eventually grew up.


When she says “drop it on my head” after asking you to get an item for her.

In our heads we were already running crazy screaming “ but you asked me to get it”. Eventually, we figured out what to do with it. And avoided her throwing her slippers at us. Is it just us or are Nigerian mums just always accurate? Figuring out things on our own became quite easy and we are well equipped for the work environment.


When she drags you along to the market and spends 30 minutes bargaining for one item.

Going to the market with Nigerian Mums is just so tiring.  Only a Nigerian mum will beat down the price of an item from N5000 to N500.  They taught us how to fight for the best deals and gave us good bargaining tips. A Nigerian Mum will not look past the Sterling Bank Verve Promo, they are all for the good deals.


When  you want to go visit a friend and she says “How many times have your friends come to the house?”

We were kids, who cared if we were the only ones making effort, we just wanted to have fun. Nigerian mothers always noticed when their kids were more on the giving end. It was frustrating, but in the long run, we learnt how to evaluate friendships and relationships early.


When they smile at you and tell you to eat after warning you at home about eating the food.

We think every Nigerian Mum is guilty here, more like they have two personalities. One for the house and another when they are out. They probably would have given you a clear warning at home not to eat. This taught us to stand our ground despite temptations.


When your mum calls you to sit through a conversation with an aunty or uncle you don’t like. Or when they tell them you send your greetings and force you into a phone conversation.

We simply just learnt how to deal with people we probably don’t like. Honestly, you can’t like everyone but rather than hate just smile through when you have to be with them and move on afterwards.


When you come 2nd in class and she says “the person that came first has two heads abi?”

Harsh but oh well taught us to work harder and not be afraid of those who did really well.


There are a whole lot more where those came from. Surely, now you can see how all those weren’t just to put us down but teach us valuable lessons. Here are a few more to make you laugh hard.


  • When you say “Mummy I’m hungry” and she replies “eat me”.
  • When you tell her you have malaria ad she says “ why not, when you’ve been pressing your phone since morning”
  • When you apologise and she says “sorry for yourself”
  • When she gives you that look that lets you know you’re going to be flogged as soon as you get home.
  • When she sleeps off but won’t let you change the channel
  • When you break a plate and she says you want to break everything in the house. But when she breaks a plate it’s “ who kept this plate here”


Don’t we all love our Nigerian Mums? We wish we could just relieve some of our childhood memories. In the meantime, we’ll just appreciate their effort.  Please share with others so they can laugh and learn just as you did.









  1. When an uncle dashes you money and she collects it telling you about all the food you have been eating in the house and clothes you wear😂😂😂. I actually came to realize much later that collecting the money helped us have little exposure to money because having early exposure to money can ruin a child’s early upbringing,better to use those monies to buy children gifts .

    • 1woman Reply

      Exactly, our mothers were just so wise.

      Thanks for stopping by Cynthia. We love to read comments like this.

  2. When she calls my name and I didn’t hear properly and I ask “mummy did you call me” she will say “no it’s my spirit I called”

    • 1woman Reply

      Hahahahahaha, our mothers and their replies. We are in love with your childhood.

      Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your comments

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