“A mentor is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.” – Author Unknown

The quote above matches our thoughts exactly on today’s explored topic. Mentoring is such an important yet highly overlooked relationship that helps many lady bosses get ahead as business or career women when done the right way. This is especially true in a professional environment like Nigeria; you need all the experienced guidance you can get.

For you to be reading this post, there is a good chance you’re already as convinced as we are about mentorship. Perhaps, you’re even in the process of getting one for yourself. We hope the tips below point you in the right direction and feel free to share considerations or suggestions below for future readers:

Attend professional networking events: WIMBIZ, She Leads Africa, HER Network and Connect Nigeria’s Annual Business conference are popular examples of networking events in Nigeria. From speakers to guests, you will have a pool of friendly attendees eager to foster new relationships and share professional knowledge to women. Take advantage of this opportunity and grow your network while you are at it too.

Set up an informational date: Is there someone in your field you admire? Send him or her a semi-formal email, letting them know you would like to rub minds with them over lunch. The more put together your email is, the more likely you will get a favourable response. Get your mutual acquaintances to put in a good word too, to boost your chances. This leads us to the next point…

Ask around: Don’t underestimate how helpful people in your immediate circle can be. Everyone seems to know everyone these days, Nigeria being this interconnected space. So put your contacts to work and find out who knows the person you’re looking for. Or at least, who knows someone who may know someone.

Join a mentoring platform: WIMBIZ, Leading Ladies Africa and Mara Mentor are examples of organisations that offer women direct mentorship relationships. This way, you save time and energy searching for someone. On the flipside, some platforms require a subscription fee of sorts – something to consider before you sign up.


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