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So it turns out that Pregnancy Brain is not a myth, after all. Fondly called Momnesia, it’s an intangible condition many expecting or new mums experience. It mainly involves forgetfulness, interesting brain fog if you will, that can be quite annoying for the woman affected.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “Hmm, this makes so much sense because that I/my friend/my sister/my colleague is going through it right now.”

“After leaving the house with the wrong shoes on, or forgetting what’s been said mid-sentence…”

We’re happy to shine the light on the situation. Read on for some quick, easy facts to understand pregnancy brain even more:

1. Hormonal changes are a factor. WebMD states that there is actually 15 to 40 times more progesterone and estrogen “marinating” the brain during this period, affecting brain neurones. Oxytocin that causes breast milk production can be a cause too.

2. Other factors include: Stress and sleep deprivation are also contributing factors of pregnancy brain.

Hey Mums! Read on for useful tips to help with affordable shopping for the new school year:

1. Do a quick inventory

Are there items at home your child can use? From wedding souvenirs- flasks, notebooks and towels – to fairly used items from last year, work with what you’ve got to save money. Children with older siblings can always use hand-me-downs that look just as good.

2. Prepare a master list

Writing separate shopping lists for each kid is a common mistake many mums make. A master list that compiles all needs would keep you more organised and help you avoid unnecessary duplicate buying.

Who knew Coke was such a must-have item at home?

We came across an interesting article on Good Housekeeping and were completely impressed by how useful this popular beverage is. And right after we talked about it in a recent post on Sallah parties!

Read on ladies, experiment and tell us how it goes.

Without further adieu, you can use Coke to:

Take out grease and blood stains from clothes. Simply pour out a can in a washing machine load, using your detergent too.

Remove oil stains on a floor. All you have to do is soak the stain and wash off.

Many working yet nursing mums can relate to always having a breast-pump around. Maybe you’re one of them. Busy at work, you take time out to commit to the time and energy draining process. Fortunately, time spent is an investment with Baby being well-fed as a result.

If you’re looking for simple hacks to help make things easier, try out any of the hacks we have outlined especially for you:

1. Do it early

Pumping breast milk first thing in the morning can feel like a chore. Your body’s supply is at its greatest then though, so take advantage of it.

The war against Lassa fever is still on in Nigeria, with 100 Lagos residents under surveillance after two casualties.

In this segment of Mom’s Corner, we would like to appeal to all mums nationwide to protect their kids with the right precautionary measures and education. Their safety depends on it. These useful tips should get you started in the right direction:

Tell your kids about the Lassa Fever and its symptoms: It’s easy to think that your kids don’t need to know about Lassa Fever, or that it would scare them. This can lead to more harm than good though, sadly to your family’s detriment! So do the right thing. In a non-fearful way, educate them about the disease’s effects and symptoms. They are more likely to be cooperative if you do, understanding the why behind your safety instructions.

Encouraging your kids to start a business is a great way to keep them productive this holiday. Not only will it get them to fine-tune their talents, they’ll earn pocket money and learn the value of hardwork.

A few ideas for inspiration:

1. Baking: Just look at Simi of Simi’s Bakehouse. The cutie is making a name for herself – and money! – as a star baker and newsflash, she’s just five! With a handy recipe book, a bit of practice and an ever-willing customer base (relatives, maybe?), your child could be next.

Image credit: Kidpreneurs Nigeria

From  six months, breast milk or infant formula stops being enough for your baby. According to The Vanguard, he or she needs more nutrients like iron at this age, and these can be found in solid yet simple food items your child’s body can now process.

If you’re a mum who already finds yourself in this new stage, celebrate! An exciting experience awaits you and the little one, complete with many delicious food adventures. Nigeria has an array of local foods to choose from, so you’re never at your wits end. Some favourites are listed below:



Today in the mom’s corner we’ll be sharing ways to help all our One Woman mothers have an organized Summer holiday. We know how overwhelming the holidays can be; with the kids running around, always wanting to be engaged. Sometimes it just gets really tiring. We love our kids and we want them to have as much fun as possible.

Take note of the following, they’ll most likely make things more organized. Giving you more time to rest from all the school stress and your kids will thank you too.

Save for it

Save! Save! Save! A good number of times, the excuses we used to get as kids was “there’s no money.” Don’t be that mummy who never wants to take the kids out. Well, that’s how they see it.

Start saving for summer months before, money is key! There are so many ways to have fun that doesn’t involve money, but still, that money is very necessary. Don’t you agree?

Every wife wishes to have a loving, caring and stress-free mother-in-law, but we don’t get everything we wish for. It’s not new that some women are scared even before they meet their mother-in-laws. Probably because of all the bad stories they’ve heard and Nollywood isn’t even making it easier with the way they portray mother-in-laws.

Some women may have to deal with an overbearing mother-in-law whether they like it or not. So if this is you, how are you going to handle it? Cry, fight back or constantly quarrel with her? Or, deal with it while still giving her the respect she deserves.

The points below will likely ease the stress of having to deal with an overbearing mother in law.

Be willing to make it work

Like we said earlier, some women are scared and have bad perceptions. They build their defensive walls and create bad expectations, this will one way or the other affect the future relationship. You’ll hear some women saying they don’t care and are ready to fight ‘fire with fire’. Honestly is it worth it? Wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind? Before going into a marriage or meeting you mother-in-law, drop that mindset and go in willing to make sure you have the best relationship.