Wigs are every Naija girl’s best friend, right after showstopping jewellery and the latest mobile phone. Not only are they super easy-to-wear, they change up your look and save you hours at the salon. From curly to straight to even braid wigs, owning a collection is a must.

When it comes to wig care, the following tips are great to try, especially if your wigs are made of human hair.


  • First things first, let’s talk about frequency. Avoid washing your wig too often to avoid unnecessary shedding and tangling.
  • Before you wash, place the hair on a styrofoam mannequin, not flat out in the bathroom sink.
  • Apply shampoo and conditioner by running your fingers through the hair repeatedly. Other methods might lead to tangling.
  • If you must use a comb to detangle, make sure it’s wide-toothed.
  • Rinse the hair afterwards with the same method used for washing.



  • Hair dryers are a complete no-no. Simply blot with an old cotton t-shirt.
  • Next, leave the hair to dry on a towel surface, the cap face down.
  • An hour or two under the Nigerian sun will give enough heat for drying.

Storage and Styling

  • Once your wig is nice and dry, put a satin cap on it and store in a dust-free environment.
  • Use lightweight serums and gels to maintain the wig’s shine and curl definition. These can be purchased at your local hair supply store.

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