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We hope you’re sitting down because these facts on gender inequality are quite gripping…

1. According to WHO, one in three women worldwide has experienced either intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

2. Almost two-thirds of women in the North West and North East Nigeria are uneducated, compared to less than 15% in the South-South.

3. Pew Centre studies show that only 70 countries have had a female leader (as of 2016).

At One Woman, we support the notion of women empowering women, encouraging the creation of opportunities and growth in the workplace and business landscape. That’s why we consider the process of mentorship as highly important, amongst other things.

In anticipation of #PressForProgress this International Women’s Day 2018, we asked members of our One Woman Community what’s the best piece of advice from a mentor they have ever received. Here’s what they had to say:

There is a difference between DISCOURAGEMENT, INAPPRECIATION AND HONEST CRITICISM. You should be able to spot the differences – @zeeautiful_atelier

Always seek to be a person of value; don’t do to others what you can’t accept yourself  – @oremicraft

Be in competition with your best of yesterday. That’s is the one true way you can measure growth and progress, not by competing with others – @thefitmumhub

There’s so much to celebrate about the phenomenal African woman – from the richness of her mind to the vastness of her dreams. We hope these quotes help to inspire and unleash the greatness that lies within.

More inspo awaits you on our Instagram page by the way. We just kicked off a Women’s History Month series, remembering Nigerian women of old who caused impact in different fields. Make sure you follow and tune in:

“I’m convinced that we Black women possess a special indestructible strength that allows us not only  get down but to get up, to get through and to get over” – Janet Jackson

As the love month comes to an end, here are some special ways to show your customers you care as a businesswoman on the rise:

1. Include a goody bag in their order:

Who doesn’t love receiving extra gifts? You don’t have to go all out and empty your bank account. A thoughtful gift that will put a smile on your customers face is not too much to do. They’ll feel valued by you and they’ll be more likely to become a return customer.

It’s a topic most Nigerian women know too well, the art of patronising a friend’s business, just to show support. Whether it’s a bakery, a catering outfit, a tailor’s shop, a wig store… the list of small businesses young Nigerians start these days is endless, and we each have at least one friend who spearheads such.

Now there are businesses, and there are businesses. Some offer products/services of excellent quality, while others do the exact opposite. If your friend’s business sadly falls into the latter category, it can be an awkward place to find yourself in. After all, you genuinely want this person to succeed but also don’t want to say or do the wrong thing that could ruin the friendship.

What’s a Naija woman to do? Read on for some tips on handling the situation if you’re in one right now:

Resist pressure to patronise: For the love of you, especially in these dire economic times, “suffering” with a product or service, just to appear supportive, isn’t fair to you. Business is business, and if there are other service providers offering the same product or service at a more affordable rate without compromising on quality, then by all means, go for theirs.


Sometimes, it happens, we run into that person;

that person who seems to be all: all that we have ever wanted in a partner.

The conversation is good, mind as good as he looks, the chemistry is tight;

and to crown it, the feeling seems mutual.

Then the “but;” there is a Number One somewhere; and he is dutifully committed.

Valentine’s Day may be long gone, but remember it’s still the season of love! Make it a season to remember with these fun challenges with your significant other. Try your best not to miss any day and share your thoughts on the outcome of each day.

Day 1: Heard of the five love languages before? Take the test with your partner on Dr. Gary Chapman’s website. This will help you discover each other’s love language and start developing ways to adopt it.

Day 2: Tell him three (random) things you appreciate about him. This will go a long way in his eyes, especially if his love language is “words of affirmation”. Be honest and don’t throw in words you don’t mean. 

Day 3: Go on a date to one of your favourite places, somewhere you’ve both been before. This will bring back fond memories and offer more opportunities for connecting.

We bet you didn’t know you could make pancakes without flour and without sugar.

Amazing right? This pancake recipe is sugar-free, flourless, simply delicious and it is also very filling. Plus, it is made in minutes and It can be served with any fresh fruit of your choice. If you are looking to maintain a healthy nutrition this year, then, you shouldn’t miss this recipe.


Note- The ingredients below are for two servings of pancakes.

2 bananas

Wondering what to wear for your Valentine’s Day date?

Scroll through for some fab outfit ideas, ranging from nice and casual to sexy and formal. Our One Woman Card partners are on standby to get you great discounts, as nice as 50%. Check them out too!

1. Sultry yet laid-back:  We absolutely love Zainab Balogun‘s two-piece number with a black crop tee in tow, just right for a night out at a lounge or laidback jazz club.