Did you tune into Settle Mata Episode 1? It was all shades of awesome, with our dear Aunties Didi and Mariam (real names withheld) dishing out Truth for The One Woman. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, comments, and soon-to-come-feedback!

Our topic of discussion was a sensitive one; the matter of getting loans from loved ones after serious delay. Our One Woman gave out a huge sum of N500K to her boyfriend, and after six long months, the money was still no show. Hmm…

Not to worry, though. The two aunties and our guest commentators were super helpful, with similar points for our dear lady. Read on for a quick summary:

Set up a meeting: Face to face conversations work best in this type of situation. With this in mind, schedule a meeting venue and time for the important chat – preferably in a public place. You might want to consider letting the person choose a scene he/she is comfortable with too.