It’s safe to say that the fitness culture in Nigeria has become more established. People are gradually becoming more conscious about what they eat, how they exercise and are generally keeping up with a healthy lifestyle.  We all have fitness goals we hope to achieve, but truth be told, staying focused can be hard sometimes. These will go a long way in achieving success:

Set S.M.A.R.T fitness goals.

Who else used to set goals like “ I must be fit by the end of the year” and when the year ends, you’re even worse? The solution is to be specific when setting these goals. You should be able to measure progress, know the figures had when you started and state what you hope to achieve. For your own sake, have a goal you can attain and be realistic. You may also like to read our recent article on how to set goals you will actually accomplish.

Target Specific Results.

Working on everything at the same time will wear the body out. Like the Nigerian saying goes, “Body no be firewood”. Although living healthy cuts across our general lifestyle, physical fitness should be targeted. What do you want to achieve? Build up stamina, thinner waistline, lose belly fat, improved breathing, toned arms or whatever the case may be. Best to be specific in your approach so as not to tire out.

Have an Accountability Partner and a Trainer

This is someone who shares the same fitness goals as you do and is probably more motivated than you are. They will help you stay accountable. It’s easier to stay focused and consistent this way. With technology, it’s possible to have virtual accountability partners. There are fitness apps and groups where each member can monitor the progress of others. Call it old school, but we just love the good ol’ fitness buddy.

Get a trainer, they could also serve as an accountability partner. The trainers would not only help keep you on track but will help in the achieving of specific results

Track your Progress

It’s good to know how well you’ve been doing with the goals you set. This will keep you constantly motivated, especially when you’ve been putting in some good work. Writing down the goals and setting reminders are ways to help with the monitoring.

Schedule Workout Days

Working out only when you feel like it doesn’t cut it. Schedule your work out days and stick to them. Have a plan in writing so you can always see and be reminded. Do not forget to schedule in rest days, you’ve earned it. It’s not even advisable to exercise non-stop, the body needs time to heal.

How far have you gone with your fitness goals? Hopefully, these will help out if you’ve been finding it hard to keep up.

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