Raise your hands if you always have issues surprising your man on a budget, everything just seems so expensive these days. Anyways, this doesn’t have to be a problem as there are so many ways to do this without spending so much money. Before we jump into our suggestions, one thing you need to know is that there is an art to gifting. The best gifts and surprises are those that meet a need or a want. As a wife or girlfriend, if you want to blow his mind all the time, be very attentive to things he talks about or things he needs. For instance, if he’s been complaining about work stress obviously at that point he’ll appreciate a spa date rather than a new belt

Let’s dive in, here are our suggestions. You’ll probably find an item your man fancies.

Budget Friendly Romantic Gestures.

  1. Fuel. yes, we said fuel, men like fuel. Fill up his car tank or his car.
  2. Pay for a spa date.
  3. Or better still surprise him with a spa date at home. Buy some candles, oils, and with calm music, the room will feel like a spa.
  4. Sweet tooth? buy him a cake, especially during birthdays.
  5. Hourly card surprises. So it’s his birthday, instead of buying one card, why not buy 24 for each hour. Make plans and get people to deliver it to him hourly, of course with heartfelt messages. If he’s big on romantic gestures this will blow his mind.  
  6. How about a home cooked meal with his favourite bottle of wine. Some men love quality time.
  7. Signature screen movie dates
  8. Dinner for two
  9. Talk with his barber, get him coupons for his next 5 haircuts.
  10. Take his cars for a date at the car wash

Budget Friendly Items.

  1. Custom made Shoes and Sandals
  2. Customized jerseys
  3. Designer shades
  4. New PlayStation game CD
  5. Money and airtime. Using the *822# code, this has been made easy for you.
  6. Underwear. And no we do not mean regular boxers and white shirt. There are designers briefs and boxers men particular about their underwear will appreciate.
  7. Luxury work bag
  8. Fabrics. He’ll love this if he’s big on wearing natives.
  9. Pen and pad luxury set
  10. A painting
  11. A book he loves
  12. A gadget guy, get him an accessory for one of his gadgets.
  13. Headphones
  14. A wrist watch
  15. Perfumes and perfume oils
  16. A clipper set
  17. Fashion accessories like ties, belts, lapel pins, coloured socks
  18. Sneakers
  19. Customized shirts
  20. Fitness watch
  21. Itunes gift cards

So there you have it! Have fun surprising him. Got any more ideas? feel free to share with the community.



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