Adapted from Fela Durotoye’s 10 Values of a True Nigerian, and in the spirit of Nigeria’s 57th Independence Day:

1. Make a positive impact: Imagine if 100,000 fierce Nigerian ladies commit to making lives better – and consistently too – in their different spheres of influence. That is, at home, in business/career and their communities at large. This will do wonders for Nigeria, setting off a chain reaction of change and upliftment. The result.. Nigeria becomes a better place.

2. Be a solution provider: … and not part of the problem! It’s easy to complain about the issues we see in our communities. However, it’s important we each work hard to create solutions instead, at different levels of influence.

3. Be a role model: To be a patriotic Nigerian is to be light in a dark corner of the nation. It’s to be someone younger generations can inspire to be like; a mentor to those on the rise. Ladies, let’s take note!

4. Be the best at all you do: The keyword here is excellence. Every lady boss should be excellent in all she does, putting in serious effort all the time. The people in your life, they deserve to enjoy your beautiful gift at its fullest. So let them. Also, think global. Think of how your service, product or even your mission as a single lady, wife or mother can affect lives worldwide.

5. Do the right thing at all times: A patriot is always willing to say and do the right thing for others because she values every person’s being and dignity.

6. Value time: Time is a resource. Every woman should understand that each minute counts to make her family, business/career and the nation as a whole better, so she doesn’t waste it.

7. Care and show respect to everyone: This includes showing care to those who can’t – or refuse to – pay you back for your kindness.

8. Consciously build a great legacy: What would your great-great-great grandchildren say of you and your efforts? Be conscious of this daily; it’s what helps to drive impactful actions.

9. Make a life of integrity and honour.

10. Make your family, nation, continent and God proud.



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